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Aquisition and Financial Services

Aquisition and Financing

Legacy offers a complete line of financial products exclusively to the alarm industry. Whether you need cash, a credit facility or want to sell some or all of your accounts, we have the right solutions for your company’s cash flow needs.

Bulk Account Purchase and Financing

Sell or finance your existing subscriber accounts. Legacy and its partners offer the best terms avaliable in the industry and have helped hundreds of dealers get cash for business expansion, major purchases or exit the business entirely.

Credit Facilities of Up To $2 Million

The ideal way to have instant access to capital when you need it. Legacy offers multi-year line of credit facilities with low interest and the highest advanced rates in the industry. Term rates up to 66 months.

Ongoing Dealer Account Purchase Program

Legacy and its partners will buy your newly installed accounts on a weekly basis. Earn a high multiple, maintain your brand identity, continue to service your accounts and retain all service and equipment upgrade revenues. Consumer Financing on additional equipment also available.

PERS Acquisitions

Legacy and its partners are one of the few companies in the industry acquiring Bulk and Ongoing PERS and mPERS subscriber accounts.