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Business Services

Legacy Business Services

Subscriber Billing Services

Legacy offers to its customers a direct billing package. Through this service we are able to perform all billing and collection services for our customers allowing them more time to dedicate to developing and growing their business without carrying the overhead of a back office. Web access is available into the billing system for customers to monitor cash, change billing information, and apply payments, run aging reports and much more.

Answering Services

Legacy offers an answering service to any/all customers interested in subscribing. Our answering service department has a specific training program catered to each customer so that we become a true after hours or 24 hours a day extension of the customer, providing the end-user with far superior enhanced customer satisfaction.

Legacy offers level one technical support to all customers that are interested in boosting customer satisfaction and at the same time reducing those 2 a.m. on call pagers from ringing. The operations staff at Legacy is trained in basic alarm panel operation with the goal to pacify your customer until the next business day. This includes: Arm/Disarm, Bypass, Reset, and other basic troubleshooting.

Legacy will send the messages to your staff by phone call, SMS, email or you can retrieve them through the Legacy Mobile App or Legacy Link.

Legacy offers to all of it's dealers discounts on:

  • Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Web design
  • 3rd party collection services
  • SIM Card access
  • and more...