PERS Monitoring

Legacy's Response Staff

In an emergency situation when acquiring and assessing critical information, who would be better equipped than the individuals trained to handle all types of emergencies? Legacy provides immediate assessment and care prior to hospital transport. With two-way voice communication established, Legacy stays in constant contact with the user. They assess the situation, and when necessary dispatch emergency personnel while providing vital medical history to the paramedics in route. Upon completion of an alarm response, loved ones and caregivers are notified of the incident and the post-alarm status of the customer.

Additional Service Features Include:

• Internet alarm and connectivity monitoring
• Receiving alarm signals from VoIP
• Capable of monitoring text message alarm signals
• GPS device monitoring capability
• Technical support available 24/7
• Subscriber reminder services
• Daily, weekly or monthly activity log
• Unparalleled customer service
• Complete turnkey solution
• Emergency contact to caregivers by phone, text or email
• All services branded with your company’s name

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