Our Technology


Legacy takes every precaution possible to ensure that we are “always available”. Terms like “minimum requires” and “high availability” are a great start, but not when it comes to protecting life and property. Legacy goes beyond the standards of Underwriters Laboratory (UL) or Factory Mutual (FM). Redundant servers, redundant telephony systems, and multiple communications service providers for multiple communications paths are just the beginning, but a key component. Location is key. Our facility locations allow us to take advantage of individual circuit delivery from multiple carriers. This ensures that the additional carriers and service providers we contract do not have to borrow portions or segments of their network from each other.

Having two facilities allows offers our dealers a failsafe in the event of a natural or man made disaster that would interupt our local telecommunications lines. 24 hour staff at both facilities also enables us to take advantage of load balancing in the event of a sudden influx in alarm activity due to storms or other potential local or regional disasters. By using our own backup facility we have the ability to test these disaster recovery scenarios at our leisure helping us perfect them and ensure they will work if needed. The alternative requires coordinating multiple companies with a 4th party monitoring facility that may already have enough alarms to handle without additional traffic, let alone an entire central station worth of alarms.

Every critical component of our monitoring systems has double or triple redundancies. As our company grows with yours, our focus is always placed on our staff and technology. Our dealers can rest assured that we will always answer the call.

Our investment in the latest technologies allows our customers to expand their monitoring services beyond monitoring traditional fire, burglary and PERS. By leveraging the power of our Universal Connector™ our dealers can monitor anything that can communicate via the following transmission protocols:

  • IP
  • Phone/PSTN
  • Email
  • Web
  • FTP
  • TCP / UDP (raw data connection)
  • Video Motion Capture
  • GPS
  • And more

As the electronic security industries and its technologies change, Legacy will be available and ready.