Direct Linx Radio

Direct Linx GSM Alarm / PERS Communicator

The DL Communicator will provide full 3G wireless communication between alarm panels/PERS systems with a Central Monitoring Station. The enclosed PCB housing measures 5” W x 6.5” H X 1.25” D. The unit has 6 LED’s that display power & signal strength.


“Flip Up” Lid

The enclosure has a “Flip Up” lid that can be accessed by unscrewing two screws at the back of the unit.

Unit next to DSC Power 832 Panel

When screws are removed the lid will flip up exposing the PCB. The back port has a small opening that allows a phone line to enter the unit. Access to screw down terminals (Security), or RJ11 (for PERS) are available

  • Unit has “mounting holes” inside the case for securing base on wall for security Install.
  • Unit has internal 24Hr back up battery
  • Unit will include an antenna with 10’ ft extension length and magnetic base for enhanced signal connectivity.
  • PCB only configuration can be easily mounted inside a security panelSystem programming is done by simple SMS (texting).

Time Line

  • 11/15 3G Radio samples in “temporary” enclosures are scheduled for delivery
  • 12/20 enclosure tooling “1 offs” will be ready
  • PTCRB & FCC testing can take place during this time.
  • We have been told that testing will not hold up field installation. In other words, we can begin selling units.
  • We are currently working on a 3G CDMA version.